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Keiko Koakutsu Japanese vintage thrill 

Keiko Koakutsu found peace in creating, as she says. Designing and modifying garments is the very source of life for her. Creative pattern cutting, upcycling and colourful prints mark her signature style, which rises up from a mix of Japanese-inspired patterns and punk elements. ‘Be rebel’ could be the perfect motto of Keiko Koakutsu, who is a designer grown up in the vibrant decades of the 1970s and 1980s. It wouldn’t be too ventured to say that she could be seen as a kind of little Japanese Vivienne Westwood.

Her designs are bold and genderless, and the soft and organic shapes make them versatile and easily adaptable to the body and to the identity of the person who is wearing them. Each one of the garments is deftly designed and sewn by Keiko herself, who counts now with two stores: the Lexington Vintage in the hearth of New York, Harlem, and another one in Nagoya, Japan, which have recently opened. Finding information about Keiko Koakutsu and her work is not an easy task and that is why we wanted to talk to her and find out something more about her mysterious personality. 

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